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Flip It Fidget Toy
Flip It Fidget Toy
Flip It Fidget Toy
Flip It Fidget Toy
Flip It Fidget Toy

Flip It Fidget Toy

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Includes a leather carrying pouch

At first glance, it looks like you can flip the piece with ease numerous times but there are captivating challenges and a certain skill required to achieve the motion of continuously flowing flips + rolls.

Get creative and explore new tricks
Flip It Fidget Toy is super fun, challenging + captivating to explore new + exciting motions.

It provides an oddly satisfying + rewarding feeling to succeed in a new trick, plus it is a great way to train coordination. Check out a few of our favorite tricks below!

1. Stop in between the motion - a trick that requires perfect timing + reaction. You can catch the Flip It Toy in the vertical position using your finger or palm.
2. Throw it in the air- this trick requires quick hand movement because you need to get below the Flip It to be able to throw it up.
3. Reverse the flip - catch it in the perfect timing + give it a tip in a reverse direction. The most important thing here is the correct power of the reverse push.

Create Competitions
Launch multiple Flip Its at the same time + see who got it faster!
You can use a slightly angled surface to flip it for an extra-long distance. Simply elevate one side of a desk or any other flat surface + let the Flip It roll all the way down.

Features + details
Precision machined out of solid metal, perfectly balanced + mathematically analyzed to bring a motion of continuing flipping, rolling + falling at the same time
It conforms to the design of the human body, allowing you to relieve fatigue + maintain comfort. Relieve people's ideological pressure + release fatigue.

The simple but well-thought-out shape hides fascinating properties that are demonstrated by mastering the correct movement + the tension when pushing or pulling the object.

Flip It Fidget Toy creates a mesmerizing motion that is fun, addictive + calming at the same time. It allows you to take a moment away from the daily rush + recharge your focus.

Why We Love This:

This is highly addicting! The first couple times you may get a little frustrated but it's all about perfecting your form. Then it's game on! I can't put this thing down! Compete with your family+friends!